Encroaching common areas

Encroaching common areas

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For the last 27 years we have been living on the first floor of TNHB apartment quarters at IV Avenue, Indira Nagar, Adyar. The owner of the ground floor flat has occupied a vacant space near the staircase, making it tough for people living on the first and second floors to walk. He has put up a wooden room which is approximately five feet from the wall near the staircase. How do we get this removed?



Common areas in any complex have to be used in common by all the residents. None of the individual owners can claim exclusive right or occupy any portion for their personal use. The association, after issuing a notice to the unauthorized occupant, can take necessary steps to remove the encroachment.

If the same is an obstruction to the electrical installations, a complaint can also be given to the local office of TNEB.

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