Revenue maps and construction issues

Revenue maps and construction issues

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The neighbours on either side of my house have started construction on their vacant land. There is lot of cement, debris and dust around my house and terrace. They do clean up after multiple requests, but it’s not regular. Incase they do no oblige to my requests for cleaning and getting my house exteriors repainted, what legal action can I take?



Normally, the rules of Corporation will provide for enclosing the site to avoid nuisance to neighbours and accidents to passers-by. You can send a complaint in writing to the approving authority to enforce the conditions of approval.

What is the purpose of the revenue village map? While purchasing a plot for construction, does the map need to be verified? If yes, what are all the aspects to be checked?



The revenue village map discloses the entire composition of the village i.e., extents in each survey number as well as water bodies such as lakes, ponds and channels. The field measurement book (called FMB) will provide the same information in detail. The Village Land Register will disclose the lands owned by individuals and other entities and those which are government lands, roads/cart tracks, burial grounds etc. While buying any plot, it has to be ensured that the name of the owner or the owner’s predecessor-in-title, the extent of land and survey number of the property coincide with the information contained in FMB extract and Land Register.

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