Right to parking space

Right to parking space

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I own a flat in Chrompet in a building that has four apartment units. All three parking spaces there have registered owners. Currently no owners occupy the houses and all the three parking are lying vacant. The owners do not permit parking in these spots. Am I eligible to park my car in the space?

Venkataramanan Rajaraman


The recitals of the relevant documents have to be looked into to ascertain how the rest of the three owners ‘registered’ the car parking spaces in their names. If they are shown as ‘garage’ and were part of approved building plans, the same could have been registered in the names of these owners. If the spaces were open and shown as falling under non FSI area, the same have to be treated as common area and can be used by all the owners. If the owners are not using it, you can use the samefor parking.

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