Settlement of unapproved plot

Settlement of unapproved plot

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I had purchased an unapproved plot (2,410 sq.ft.) in 1987. The transaction included patta, land tax, E.C and encumbrance certificate. As the High Court has not banned the registration of unapproved layouts, can I go ahead in writing the settlement deed in favour of my son? If not, what are my other options?

K. Paulrajan


Any transaction including settlement, in respect of unapproved plots cannot be entered into at present as the matter relating to unapproved plots is pending before the High Court.
The matter was expected to come up in the last week of March and further course of action will be dependent on the decision of the Court.

However, there is no bar for writing a Will and the said document need not be registered and would be valid if the same is duly executed and attested by two witnesses simultaneously.

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