Govt. takes over plot

Govt. takes over plot

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Your property-related legal queries answered by S.C. RAGHURAM, Partner, RANK Associates, a Chennai-based law firm

I purchased a plot at Morai Village, Thiruvallur District in 1990 by way of a registered sale deed. Subsequently, a Taluk Patta and an online patta were issued.

Around 14 years later, TANGEDCO has laid an overhead power line on my plot, without issuing prior notice. Since it happened without my knowledge, I had no scope to object to this encroachment beforehand.

Presently, a TN Govt. order has been issued for the approval of unapproved layouts on certain conditions which renders my plot ineligible for approval due to the presence of the said power line.

How do I get this sorted?

R. Srinivasa Raghavan


The ‘doctrine of eminent domain’ empowers the Government to acquire the property of any private person or entity in the interest of general public. You will be entitled to compensation as your plot cannot be put to use by you. If you feel that the amount of compensation is inadequate taking into account the value of land, you can approach the Court for appropriate relief.

The fact that your plot is not part of an approved layout will have a significant impact on its value. Since the use of land is taken over by the Government, you cannot now seek to regularise the plot.

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