Maintenance work on Sundays

Maintenance work on Sundays

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We live in an apartment complex (in a gated community) comprising 500 apartments. Recently, a plumber whom I had called for some repairs on a Sunday was denied entry by members stating repair work on a Sunday was against Association rules. On weekdays too, repair work is not allowed after 5 pm. We have a maintenance team, but their work is not up to the mark. Does the Association have the right to make such rules?

Dr. Jayalakshmi Rajesh


If the bye-laws of the Association are to the effect that no repairs or internal work causing disturbance to the others can be carried out on Sundays and beyond certain timings, the said rule can be enforced by the Association. However, if there is going to be no noise or shutting down of water pipeline, there ought not to be any objection by the Association or neighbours for getting your work done. The plumber appointed or approved by the Association may be bound by certain standard instructions. You can always engage a plumber from outside and he, being your visitor, should not be stopped at the gate.

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